The Audio Concierge
will travel to clients
anywhere in the continental United States in order
to complete the Interview in the “Music Room” of
the client.  The structured Interview takes between
one and two hours to complete and includes
measurements & a basic acoustical evaluation of
the room.  The purpose is to ascertain the taste,
genre, needs and expectations of the client as well
as gathering detailed information.  Upon
conclusion, the project budget is discussed along
with fees, purchasing practices, and payment

Step 2.....RESEARCH
The Research & Design phase requires a minimum
of two weeks.  During this phase, using the
information gathered in the Interview,
The Audio
selects the individual parts of the music
reproduction system.  We design as a whole, from a
clean sheet of paper.  Parts may include a source,
pre-amp and amplifiers, speakers, power needs,
racks/stands, wire/cables, etc.  The selection of
each part is carefully considered so that a synergy
exists within the system and the truth of the
recording is revealed within the context of the
client’s musical taste.

The Audio Concierge uses a wide variety of
suppliers in order to achieve the perfect music
reproduction system.  Each item will be purchased
from a reliable source at the best possible price.  
Price for each item will be negotiated.  In many
cases, the amount saved is most of, or equivalent to
The Audio Concierge’s fee.   Each item, once
purchased, is shipped directly to the client.  The
client holds the items until all items are purchased;
and an Installation date is then scheduled.

Installation requires one to two days to complete
depending on size and complexity.  Once fully
configured, the system is evaluated by listening,
tweaked and measured.  Set-up includes any
acoustic treatments required and the placement of
the listening chair in the optimum position.  Once
complete, the client will be shown all the parts of
the system, how they work and will be presented
with a Binder filled with all manuals, materials,
invoices, a list of resources for future music
purchases based on the taste of the client, along
with a cover sheet containing a list of all items
purchased and the grand total.  A review of
procedures will be reviewed.

Step 5.....FINE TUNING
For clients that purchase systems costing over
*$100,000 a third visit is scheduled after the
period.  This visit serves to fine-tune all aspects
of the music reproduction system, including room
acoustics.   Perfection is our purpose.

*For systems under this amount, a phone consultation will
be provided.

Important Note:
The Audio Concierge works strictly in the High End.  In
order to provide the extensive services listed above the
minimum system must be $25,000.